TREP$   is a fun student entrepreneur program where students create their own business.  They learn about marketing, budgeting, advertising, production and sales.  In the spring we will hold a TREP$ Marketplace, where each student business will have a booth and sell their products and services.
This year the TREP$ marketplacewill be held on Wednesday, April 27th from 6:00-8:00PM!

Here is a link to the TREP$ website:

Here is the link to the TREP$ promotional video, which tells you a lot more about the program:

Here are my top 10 parent pointers: 
1. Help your child come up with a product that they are very excited about.
2. Be sure that the product does NOT require  your help at the Marketplace.
3. If your child needs start up money to buy supplies, keep track of what you loan them.  A sample "Loan Agreement" will be provided to make this official.
4. Make sure your child goes with you when getting supplies.
5. Listen, and give advise when your child asks.
6. Assist with money management and finances, and remember that there will be MANY teachable moments.
7. Practice a business interaction, including asking questions and making change. 
8. Offer to help set up the booth on the night of the Marketplace.
9. Listen to your child practice his/her sales pitch.
10. Step away to let your child be the boss!

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Diane Cormican, Enrichment Teacher

[email protected]

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